Sunday, May 29, 2011

If God is a DJ, Life is a Dancefloor

Guess who's back at home? That's right, I am. And today is Sunday, so today my blinds were opened "to let the Son shine in, the Risen Son!" at 8f30 a.m. I'll let you decide if that was a typo. Born Again Radio blared from the living room and after an hour of fashioning ear plugs out of pillow tassels, I lifted my "grouch pouch" (body) out of bed and out the door to avoid any further "You're not coming to Church with us :(?" questioning.

Being a recent graduate, I already feel a pressure to BE AN ACTUAL ADULT/make my Facebook page look better, so my mom's "good adults go to church" dogma gets to me more than, say, her "don't eat that much cheese before bed" one. All I'm saying is if the cheese is there, I'm not just "going to sleep" without eating it! LOL Moms R from Mars, Kids R from Venus!

Maybe if this guy was going Sunday morning, I'd go. I feel like he would have a sweet list of books about how Andy Warhol was Christian without knowing it that he could jot down for me. Color me appreciative!