Sunday, March 22, 2009


Fig. A
I can't believe i'm not in Orlando FL & not just because i'd be making much, much more as a prostitute there due to the high concentrations of tourists and Cubans, but because THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER OPENED YESTERDAY!
The opening of this theme-park-within-a-theme-park has honestly been the most anticipated thing so far in my life:

5. getting my braces off Junior year of high school
4. hearing i was going to have a baby brother
3. my first kiss
2. Jesus' second coming
1. June 18th, opening day of WWoHP
Fig. B

The website:
If you haven't treated this site like your home away from home(facebook) while online- you should bookmark it now. It features: virtual tours, updates, the list of official attractions (including an HOUR LONG RIDE). There's also an online store & pictures of fat kids getting to do everything you wish you could right now- i.e. drinking butterbeer & meeting Daniel Radcliffe.

Speaking of Dradcliffe, who seems to be slowly turning into a hobbit these days (see Fig. A & B), can you please send him a text in Helvetica with your new KIN mobile phone & let him know he's not actually Elijah Wood? And while you're at the touch screen, also inform him that being Elijah Wood is not something anybody wants to be? Not even Elijah Wood.


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