Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You Can't Teach an Old Dog

[*This picture is not entirely applicable because my old car just crashed- it never burned or had children in masks circle around it- but I laughed until I cried when I saw the 1st Mickey who has 0.00% of a neck.]

I have been carless for 4 months now (note that's carless, not careless- i have been careless for 22 years now). In these few months I've learned the value of sacrificing your pride to ask that freshman with her car on campus for a ride to a dentist appointment- wherein which she ops to wait for you in the sitting room and your dentist tells her how many cavities you've had as well as making her promise to document your flossing each night. Public enemy #1: Gingivitis, the silent killer. I've also learned the art of stowaway riding to the store or bank by sneaking into peoples cars under a blanket (pride still intact).
BUT NOW after months of not having a car, (the links are to prove I'm self-aware & know my current problems are non-problems in perspective) I GOT A NEW (TO ME) CAR!
It's a '94 Jetta, it was my friend Andrew Gumm's and I love it; but it's a stick shift & I have no idea how to get it to Taco Bell.
After a few "lessons" (a.k.a. tricking my stick-knowledgeable friends into sitting in the car with me while i repeatedly stall it down a hill) I'm not feeling too confident. But pride comes before the fall so insecurity must come before the rise to power? I'm right. Eventually I think driving stick over all the rolling, steep, beautiful, steep hills of Point Loma will be as blissful as it is anxiety-filled. Kind of how Ryan Gosling is scary in the best possible way.

Maybe I'll even get to be a Jetta driver of this caliber! WHOA did he just hit 70 RPMS?? And 40 MPH?? P.S. "Let your shoulder lean, shoulder lean, shoulder lean." -The official Driving Stick Anthem


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  2. This video is terrifying.

    Also I like that I had to type "demame" to post this comment.