Monday, September 20, 2010

Off Brand Mexican Cheetos

I have a cold so I'm trying to do what my mom's texts say and, "Stay hydrated sweetie!". My dorm room looks like a scene from Signs with half used water bottles everywhere. That, and I've started making clicking noises as I move around, it helps clear my sinuses.

I spend about 16 hours hacking up friends in bed. I'm really haggard, I almost took a photobooth picture of myself to illustrate this post and that's when I realized I had slowly developed a middle part and contemplated shaving my head. There is a silver lining though, I always use times I'm sick to try to start eating healthier because I can't taste anything anyway and being healthy is a l l t h e r a g e. I bought myself a Costco pack of Boca Burgers. Unfortunately, the smell of a microwaved (oddly sweaty) Boca Burger mixed with the convalescent smell of my room already is a gastly combination.

When friends walk in I blink twice to say hello but they take one look at the tissue boxes, half empty water bottles and flee my catatonic state (usually clasping a rosary I didn't see them bring in). They care, they just show it in other ways like febreezing my room in the middle of the night. I lay there breathing in fumes of mutual beneficiality and then fall asleep (read: lose consciousness). I love them!

Last week when I was a little less "Monster Hospital" and a little more "Wide Eyes" (I'm
trying to get another endorsement as a music blog) I finished unpacking my dorm room, went to a bon fire where my friends and I made s'mores, sang songs about never becoming depressed adults, and swam in the bay in our underwear yelling like animals into the night. C'est la vie. The next night I saw RATATAT for free at the House of Blues downtown because
some random guys twitter was giving the $34 tickets away if you texted him your name. Sketchy, but worth it. The guy ended up being from the opening band DOM, who I liked until I saw them live- they were so bad the Israeli guy behind me yelled YOU SUCK! & THIS IS TERRIBLE! in between every song. There were two fights everyone had to dodge and right when I thought I was safe, a crowd surfer fell on his neck right in front of me.

In other news: Hey Emmys WTF???

Edie Falco from NURSE JACKIE won best leading actress in a COMEDY SERIES when up against Tina Fey & Amy Poehler?!
Nurse Jackie is a comedy? Yes, it's funny that Edie Falco thinks she's passing as a woman but not as funny as Liz Lemon eating off-brand mexican cheetos! AHAHAHA- OFF BRAND MEXICAN CHEETOS!!
Greek Chorus: "Do better next time Emmys!"
Emmys: "Sawwy."

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  1. I need to say this: At the point that Edie Falco opened her winning speech with "Wow...I'm not funny!", the Emmy should've been re-gifted to her writers, bc she's horrible. I hate everyone who takes things from Tina.