Monday, June 21, 2010

let's talk about seth baby

My roommates and I are all unemployed. For various reasons we all find ourselves sitting on the couch watching daytime TV together; I left my job when I moved to LA for the summer, some of them have been fired/laid off/quit, and some of them never had a job (though, if eating all the potstickers I buy at Trader Joe's were a job, they'd own stock in the company by now (Jk, angels! I love youu! Haha, LOL I don't even like potstickers because I'm vegetarian. (No I'm not, I love meat, especially potsticker-meat. (Mm, potstickermeat.))) Good luck deciphering what just happened/ I'm sorry.

Now we know real things are going on but the 5 of us plant ourselves in front of the TV to watch hours of SOAPnet's newest syndication, The OC. It's not a waste of time because we apply to Craigslist jobs during the commercials. We are halfway through season 2 and 100% re-in love with the nerdy, sarcastic, indie-band-referencing Jew: Seth Cohen. wHaTaDrEaMbOaT. Anyway, we all started wondering (which in the 21st century is synonymous with Googling) what Adam Brody's up to now, who he's dating and how we can sneak into his house.

Best fact found: Adam Brody was in an episode of MTV's Undressed- the show no one was allowed to watch but it came on too late for your mom to monitor because she's old and went to bed already. He was also in a band called Big Japan. From the looks of, Adam Brody really hasn't been doing that much since the OC. He was in Grind, Jenifer's Body and Cop Out (please hold your applause... forever) BUT, he'll be in two vaguely promising upcoming movies- The Romantics, and The Oranges. In The Romantics, Brody co-stars with Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel and Elijah Wood (yeaaah Elijah Wood) in a rom-com about old friends reuniting at a wedding, skinny dipping in the ocean and yelling into the open air Garden State/Where the Wild Things Are-style. Here's the trailer (after a Converse All-Star, I mean Mayonnaise commercial):

It played at Sundance where it recieved a 3.5 out of 5, which is enough for me to torrent download it now, so goodbye and good luck. If it's really good I'll tell you next time, aaand if you're a government official- "torrent download" is slang us kids are using these days for "waiting for a movie to come out in theaters and buying an admission ticket for said movie".

I leave you with this coupon for orange chicken from Panda Express that you can only use between the hours of 9pm and 10pm, so generous:

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